In a world that seems to be increasingly stressing people out. Bold As Lions is crossing the lines between pop music and pep talks. The inspirational heavy pop duo is husband and wife Sean and Karli Quigley. As independent artists these two know the value of hard work and have begun to see their dreams come to life with their latest release “Peace in the Chaos”. Their sophomore album is edgy but hopeful, upbeat but emotional. They take you through a series of stories about finding peace in the middle of this chaos we call life inspired by true events and hard things they’ve faced over the past three years. BAL has never turned away from talking about the hard stuff but rather they’ve turned those challenges into an opportunity to speak life into people on their “Hope Dealer tour”. Passionate about seeing others realize their potential and value, the two spend their time on the road bringing their music and message across the nation. They’ve always found production and presentation as a way to engage peoples senses. It’s so easy to be distracted but with their use of visuals, lighting, story telling, live drums and unique vocals. BAL demands your attention and rightfully so, through the noise and the chaos they are finding a way to be a voice for change. With this release and tour they are back with a purpose and they know exactly who they are. YOU MATTER. YOU’RE LOVED. YOU’RE NOT ALONE. We are BOLD AS LIONS. This is THE HOPE MOVEMENT.