Our tour has been cancelled for the remainder of this school year due to school closures. We will be booking into the 2020/2021 school year, please inquire to book your spot. Stay safe out there!

"If you still have a pulse, you still have a purpose."

The Hope Dealer Tour is a one hour presentation with live music, motivational speaking and an empowering call to action. In a time where the number of teens struggling with depression, anxiety and suicide have sky rocketed this program brings light to a heavy topic so many young people are facing today. With a bottom line that says “If you still have a pulse, You still have a purpose”. The heartbeat of the tour is not to answer all of lifes questions but rather shine a glimmer of hope through story telling and music. It has been amazing to see so many young people across Canada come to the understanding that they are not alone and that they have so much to offer the world we live in. 




"I just wanted to say thank-you for taking a few minutes with one of my students today. This student was unsure if she wanted to come because suffers from anxiety. We convinced her to give it a try and your brief interaction with her made a huge difference in making the kickoff a positive experience for her. She is someone who has the potential to be a force for good in our school and I am so grateful that she came back inspired and energized. A small interaction for you had a big impact on her and will be paid forward through the things I know she will accomplish. Thanks for doing what you do."



"Honestly I am about to say some deep stuff here. Before your performance got me through some deep stuff man. I mean I was smoking weed. Drinking. Hanging out with the wrong types of people I considered "friends". Carrying knives, guns.  Running around the neighbourhood with the cops behind me thinking it was "fun" but then your words and story really hit me hard like a brick and now I am enjoying every second of life. Thank you Bold As Lions"


Contact us today with any questions or HD tour booking inquiries. We can't wait to hear from you!